Is your business revenue flat? Need a tire change? Affiliate Marketing can be your answer to predictable cashflow.

What is it you ask? It is a system where companies agree to share part of their revenue with you for the process of referring buyers to them. They save money on advertising and can focus on more important business tasks. Affiliate marketers can use this process and revenue to build a list for future endeavors and have virtually zero cost advertising.

affiliate marketing can be your answer

This allows you to generate predictable cash flow by promoting other businesses’ products while building your list and developing your own product or opportunity (which will then be presented to this developed email list at a later date). In simple terms, you are being paid to build a list which will profit you over and over in the future.

So how does this work. You can go to any number of online sources for products. ClickBank, Warriors Plus, JVZoo, Gorrila Commissions are all online product suppliers. You pick out a product from these sources or from Profit Platform that you are passionate about and begin promoting it with either free or paid ads.

Our Profit Platform System will even help you pick out the most rewarding products to offer that can provide more than just predictable cashflow. One example is Kartra, which not only is a great product, it also has a great affiliate program that will not only pay on initial purchase, but also on renewal for recurring income.

We keep it simple in our system. Pick out an affiliate product, promote, send leads to lead capture page where you get their email, and provide them access to the affiliate sale information and conversion page. You then continue to promote new affiliate products to your list, build a relationship with the list, and eventually offer your own products to them. It is predictable cashflow from start to finish. You get to decide how much cashflow is sufficient for you.

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