How to make money with affiliate marketing with no experience is an age old question. When you are new and things seem overwhelming in starting an affiliate marketing business, the answer is to always search out success.  Success always leaves clues and you have the Internet at your disposal for find lots of clues. (This article explains some reasons why most folks fail)

Start With A Productive Funnel

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Thus, I have found that you need to start by building a funnel without overthinking it and understanding that the first one will not be your home run.  It is a learning tool.  Although, building a lead magnet, a follow up email system, a series of presentation and sales videos will take time and effort, view it as a learning and growing activity.

However, if you can tie in with a system like our Profit Platform, all of this will be provided for you while you are learning and integrating yourself into your new brand.  Having such mentors who have been there and done that who provide top notch training will get you ahead of the game much faster.

Set Goals

Always set goals to make enough money early to offset your initial marketing costs.  A predictable cashflow formula at the beginning will allow you to continue until such time you scale up to the next level in your passion business.  Then you can scale up to begin to cover you normal living expenses.  And, then, of course, your ultimate goal would be to obtain that financial freedom that only you can define and that you have always dreamed of.

All of this is very achievable for you, but to avoid early frustration, take my suggestion and find a team or system to begin with.  Therefore, you can always take off on your own at any time after.  However, this first step is the critical one and will lead you to the answer of how to make money with affiliate marketing and no experience.

Find Quality Software

Whether you are joining a system such as Profit Platform or going it alone, you need to make sure you pick some software to use that will make your funnels work seamlessly for you.  Many products are available.  My favorite is Kartra

Now get to learning and applying those success clues.  Best of luck to you.  See you at the top.

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