My experience with marketing systems

Yes, all marketing systems are not created equal. I speak from vast experience. I tried building a network marketing business but it never generated the cash I had imagined. I purchased multiple software packages that promised an all inclusive product from lead generation to landing page to sales conversions. However, they never generated the cash promised. I have made so many mistakes in trying to develop an online marketing income because I never bought into the concept of a system.

In the real world, when can you really expect to join in on making the big profits with online marketing systems? Seriously, what’s the answer to profitable network marketing and affiliate marketing? I found that the real answer is following and promoting a system that teaches how to provide relevant, solution content to a group of clients that you have built a relationship with.

I am so over all the hype of a program that tells me all I have to do is post and promote on line to build a list and get sales on auto pilot. Sure, if you run enough people to the sales page, you will get some sales. But at what cost? Anything that is said to be on auto pilot is not a system for future sales and financial stability.

Yes, it is all about building a valued relationship with your clients and leads through a system of value promotion. People want you to provide them with solutions to their challenges or problems. When you do, you have a trust factor that then allows them to feel comfortable in buying from you later.

Yes, the content you provide in your marketing systems should be related to marketing and how it can help them achieve their personal business goals. Yes, there does need to be a clientele that appreciates the helpful information that you provide through social media channels or through your automated email system.

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The other major problem with these hyped up systems if that they are usually set up for the developer to engage in a relationship with the buyer. Thus, although, you may profit in the short term, you have no way to increase the lead value and customer value for the future. Thus failure is inevitable for the long term. And that is why you originally wanted to build a business — long term financial stability.

Yes, successful online marketers are always targeting making more money on the back end of the system. That means they will be able to sell many other products, affiliate programs, or other business opportunities over a long stretch of time because of the relationship they were able to build with their list by doing it right initially.

If you refer to my Success Strategy, you will see where increasing lead value and customer value (cashflow optimization) is essential to the success of this back end marketing and it must be followed to make the real money online that can literally change your life.

Fortunately, we have a system that is designed to teach and train you to pull all of this together with you as the cornerstone. You must be the one with the automated process to build relationships. You must be the one to introduce the solution to them. You must be the one they hear from. You must be the one providing that value content we discussed earlier. And no, in our system, it does not all have to be original. You do not have to re-invent every wheel. That is the beauty of the system for you. Most call it leverage which can build multiple streams of income with automation.

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