Attraction marketing educates customers about the value or desirability of a product before we even suggest that they buy it. Think of it this way.  Someone is handing out samples of food at a local store. They are simply giving you something that will probably make you want to buy it without them having to say a word about selling it.

How can you master this technique of attraction marketing?

First, Spread Your Knowledge

Attraction marketing educates customers with value. First, learn about your product. By spreading your knowledge of the product, opportunity, etc. and its main value points, the customer/client will see how it can be used to solve one of their needs or problems. Thus, it allows you to remove the L from learn and then earn.

Secondly, You Earn Their Trust

Trust is the only thing that ever wins. Developing trust means the customers/clients believe you are authentic and real.  Thus, they will be willing to buy from you later.  Customers only want to buy from a brand or seller whom they believe is authentic and trustworthy, so be sure to align your message with your audience in an authentic way.

Third, Be Social And Responsive

Social media plays a big role scaling the reach of attraction marketing.  Be consistent with your communication on social media platforms and connect with your customer’s desire for information and their pain points.

Fourth, Show Them The Future With Attraction Marketing

Let them know where the market is heading or anything new that might be on the horizon.  Take them with you on a visit to the future.  You will influence them with your expertise and enhance their loyalty to you.

Last, But Not Least, Generate And Distribute Content

Long-form blogs, infographics, creative banner images, and social media posts are great vehicles for your value content.   Videos by you, about you and your product or business will enhance the connection between you and the client/customer, keep you on their radar.  This is a great opportunity explain your how and why in a conversational method.

Attraction Marketing Summary

Attraction marketing is the best way forward if procuring high-quality leads is your priority.  Follow these tips and the best sales prospects will be attracted to you. Attraction marketing makes it easy for customers to understand your product and assess its value through legitimate means. Attraction marketing improves engagement, and as an end result, increases sales.

Have a genuine interest in your customers/clients.  This will be the key to unlock the door to current and future transactions with your clientele.  Do not have any hidden agendas.  Your strategy should hit the needs of your clientele head-on.  You solve their problems with your solutions and your business future is secure because of attraction marketing.

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