Do you Zoom? If not, why not check it out? Many online gurus and novices both us this savy tool in one on one meetings and in other small group meetings.

Zoom Communication

I was introduce to Zoom by my partners in Profit Platform. It provides a way to meet face to face without traveling with a very stable internet connection. It also is a great tool for collaboration using the show your screen tool while conversing with others.

Have you ever had the desire to done online presentations or webinars to your organization or to new leads? This tool allows that, plus the opportunity to record, save and share later. If you have a marketing funnel, the saved recording can become a lead magnet or training system for the future.

Or if you have a desire to teach and have online courses, this is the tool to start with. Begin by marketing your course with a set date but never be afraid to alter the date if your audience has not grown as you wish. When you are comfortable with the number of attendees, you begin teaching “face to face” with your new students. As you offer more courses or sessions, you now are creating an archive that you can share with new leads, new members or new clients in the future. Not having to re-invent the well allows you to focus on growth, new material, etc.

Of all the options out there for screen recording, Zoom is my go to because of the ease of video conferencing, lack of video editing, and ease of recording. After I finish a session, I just hit a but to upload it to my site for future reference or business advancement.

Zoom is always on my list or recommendation for new affiliates, team members, or partners. All these advantages with a reasonable price is a no-brainer. You can check out the system and pricing for yourself here