Ever wonder where your leads come from? I used to. But, if you read my blog on our Online Success Strategy, you know it is imperative to know which lead generation tools and marketing are being effective in producing quality leads. The only way to achieve this is to virtually track these leads from their source to your landing page.

So how do I accomplish this, you ask? ClickMagick is a great tool to use. With this product you can place a tracking pixel within your marketing to allow you to know where each lead that lands on your lead capture page comes from. This is especially important when you are split testing your marketing and advertising. It gives a map as to where you need to be spending more of your marketing time and money.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, if you are using the all-in-one dream of marketing automation, Kartra, you will not need any other tracking tool. Tracking is included in Kartra. However, if you have not yet begun to use Kartra, ClickMagick will assist you in moving forward and upscaling your business.

Always remember the Profit Platform System is designed to plug you in correctly to all of the system nuances so you never miss a beat.

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