Use the strategy behind the explanation of a marketing formula
Logical Explanation of a Marketing Formula

OK, so here’s a logical explanation of a marketing formula:

Let’s say you will be promoting an opportunity in the future, or an affiliate product that pays commissions, or your own products or services… This is how people do well and even get to full-time reliable cashflow on up to multiple 7 figures using the Internet and automation.

Here’s How It Works

You don’t start promoting or advertising out of the gate. You lay a blanket of value out there. Seems obvious but people often skip this part.

Value is stuff people in your market will be interested in. If you’re not willing to do that forget about it. If you just don’t know how we can teach that part. It doesn’t need to be genius level stuff.

And here’s the deal…

The more you do now to build a blanket of value across the net (on a blog, YouTube, to your email list) the more results you get when you start promoting.

The value builds up like a dam.
It allows for the law of reciprocity to kick in.

Are you seeing this?

Once you get to a certain point it’s perpetual motion cashflow. Meaning… you can almost promote something non stop to your list and audience and just keep seeing sales. Of course, for that perpetual cashflow to work you do need to keep providing value but eventually you can automate nearly ALL of it. If you are creating blog posts now, or YouTube vids…. the ones that you see get the most traction after a few months can permanently be referenced in your auto emails. And you would select ones that link to offers that make you cashflow (either your offers or someone else’s that offer affiliate commissions). Could be an opportunity as well. What you promote is up to you but if you have no idea what to promote you can use our system and duplicate what we do.

The point here is the value you create now becomes automated later… it’s a system! So you can walk away and it keeps paying you.

This is the cashflow formula. To market without it is madness.

And of course there’s more to it but NOT that much more. It’s not rocket science. But it does require focus and a certain level of maturity. If you can bring that you can leave the job market for good. It’s just a fact.

The Predictable Cashflow Formula is still free. Get yours here today. Study it and if you like what you see, sign up for the free Live Demo.

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