How winning marketers hit go— they set out to market / promote… They always look at the first few weeks and sometimes the first few months as a time of just laying the ground work, changing how the Internet algorithms look at what They are doing and recalibrating so to show their content to the new audience which they are aiming to attract…

And they don’t spend as much time in the early stages worrying about their content.   They just get it out there for the search engines and for people to start to see and get a feel for.   As winning marketers hit go and move forward, they, then improve the quality of content, the branding, the message and hone in.

This is how winning marketers hit go and approach the process. They don’t sweat it as they get started. They don’t overthink stuff.   They aren’t overly critical of their content as that would lead to burn out or procrastination. They lay the foundation and they think longer term.

Winning marketers hit go and build momentum and new habits around sharing topics on the new subjects.   Then when it comes time to sell, there is a network seeing that content who have been prepped.

So important to get this, demonstrate it, do it and teach it.  It is how winning marketers hit go and that is how it works!

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