You must increase your lead value to hit income targets is you want to achieve that ultimate goal of making the money you always dreamed of.

Don’t you really want total control over achieving your income targets on a regular basis? Are you doing that now? If not, you are missing the strategy of tracking the average value of each lead and the average value of each customer.

Average Lead & Customer Value

Your goal is to understand and track what each lead and each customer bring back to you in revenue. One you have a tracking system in place, you will then be able to start testing each step you take. This allows you to improve on what is working and get rid of what is not. If you have been following my blogs and my thought process, you will now understand why so many fail to achieve their business goals. Since you now understand the importance of average lead value and average customer value, you can start to optimize your cashflow as we have been teaching. In other words, you are now in control of your own destiny.

Can I Have Control?

So the question is: If I am in network marketing, coaching, affiliate marketing, etc., what must I do gain this control? You start by either developing a marketing funnel, joining a system that provides a marketing funnel, or buy an existing product. Funnels can be established on a WordPress site like this one or you can purchase a system like Kartra (which is an all-in-one dream solution for marketers). Or you might choose to do both like I do.

Yes, you need a funnel. I know a lot of gurus teach that you don’t, but in the background these folks are using funnels themselves. They know the importance of the funnel in tracking these lead and customer averages. Yes, we want you to win and it can’t be done consistently with a marketing funnel.

So What Exactly is a Marketing Funnel?

Now that you know you need a funnel, do you really know what a funnel is? It is process that has been automated to apply attraction marketing to the niche that needs your solution. It then will teach them about it while building a trust with them. This in turn makes it easier for them to purchase your solution after they know what it can do for them and after they have learned to trust you because of the value you have been providing to them. And, as I mentioned earlier, you are constantly testing and analyzing your results to increase the earnings power of your funnel. Yes, you are setting yourself up for the win with the funnel.

The marketing funnel will begin with a Lead Capture Page. This is where you will drive traffic and give them the opportunity to enter their email address. They are exchanging their contact information for information, free products, or requests for more contact. These are generally called Lead Magnets. This is allowing you to build a contact list and also making it easier for the customers to buy later.

Next, The Landing Page

After entering their email, the automated system takes them to what we call a Landing Page. It usually thanks them for the address and confirms the receipt of their lead magnet. However, the main function of the landing page is tracking. By placing an ad tracking pixel on this page, you will know which marketing tactic has led them to this page. Yes, you get it now. We know which marketing is performing the best. We can now test and refine all facets of our marketing to continually increase our earnings. Earnings are now increasing without more effort. Tracking is the key. Mission accomplished.

Let’s Now Do The Tracking

If you are using multiple Lead Capture Pages and/or Lead Magnets, you will also be tracking these to see which version is bring the best results. Then you begin to test your offer/sales pages and your email followups. Yes, each facet of the funnel is tested and analyzed to bring you the best possible results. You are no longer guessing. Your are making business decisions based on results. This is all possible with WordPress sites on which your use other products like ClickMagick. Kartra, the all-in-one product, makes it much simpler and allow you to use more Behavior Adaptive Marketing.

Time to Optimize

Now that you understand the value of the funnel and the tracking, testing, and revising, you know how to calculate your lead and customer values. Now this information allows you to optimize your cashflow as we discussed earlier. You are on the road to being able to increase your earnings whenever you want. You are in control. No more guesswork is involved. Decisions are always based on the data you have generated. What a nice place to be.

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