Marketing anything online successfully is your new assignment. The first step in completing this assignment is remembering the 7 “must have” items from my previous post on the Strategy of Marketing Success?

Now it is time for YOU to begin stepping forward with your best effort and to start moving to the top of successful marketing. Yes, you can do this. Yes, this strategy allows crystal clear, sustainable steps to your desired outcome while giving constant feedback on your progress.

Remember These Seven?

  • Build a list
  • Set it up so relationships are growing through automation
  • Automate the marketing and sales
  • Use Cashflow optimization to incrementally increase what they earn per lead and customer
  • Have multiple streams of income generated on the ‘back-end’ (which means they automate more offers being sold to their list)
  • Track what they earn per lead and customer
  • Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what they earn per lead

How Many Are You Doing?

If the answer is yes, then your are marketing in a way that guarantees success. If the answer is no, you can’t create reliable, scalable results. Seems like such a “no-brainer” is you truly want to achieve the goals you have set for you and your business. Isn’t it great to know how all the steps it takes for your success and to know it is all in your control?

What Now?

In my opinion you only have TWO PATHS that you can take to get you where you want to be with a successful marketing system as your vehicle.

Your first path might be a simple WordPress personalized online blog site. And yes, I can help you set that up if you choose this option. This allows you to provide value content to your audience while linking to strategies and tools that will be valuable for them.

Your second choice for the path would be to use a hosted solution. Now there are so many options available online. You would need to be ever so careful in choosing the one that is just right for you. In my case, I chose KARTRA because of the value and the integrated automation that is not available in any other single platform.

What Next?

First you will need something to attract leads. Most often this is called a lead magnet. You offer something of value to prospects for free in order to collect their email address. Their address allows you to fulfill your free offer but also builds the opportunity for a lifetime of offers and conversions. And the beauty of the strategy we teach, allows for the automation of this process which means less time consumed on your part.

This email list now is your foundation for duplicating (through the use of our success strategy) the success of all the big name gurus you see promoting their products online. What most of you usually don’t realize is that all of the success stories have set up multiple streams of income so their wealth and life style is never compromised by any one venture. Thus you have many opportunities to market to the same email list which, in turn, increases your earning per lead. ( a key concept of our strategy)

Couldn’t Be Simpler

You set up a lead capture page which offers your free value. You then drive traffic to that page with people who are interested in what you have to offer. They decide they want your free value and enter their email address. They then are directed to a thank you page what confirms their email and allows you to use automation to send the value to their email address. It is a win-win scenario. The beauty of using this strategy is that it occurs automatically while you continue to work on other things, your main job, or while you sleep. All the while, you are gaining leverage in the marketplace by developing your email list and by developing a trust of your clients. This of course will allow in the future more time freedom for you.

This email foundation now allows you to present new and varied offers of solutions to the same group over and over again via sales pages which present them an opportunity to purchase. The sales pages are usually also in multiples which allows for down sells or upsells during the presentation process. As an automated system, you have not achieved the ability to make money and convert new clients while you sleep.

Now are seeing the correlation between the success strategy and the need for a personalized WordPress page or the use of an automated system like Kartra?

Yes, Doing It On Your Own May Be Difficult

But why would you even consider marketing anything online successfully by doing it on your own and trying to re-invent the wheel? Our system is virtually handed to you on a silver platter so you can personalize it and make it your own with little effort. You can use our marketing funnels as they are to create some predictable cashflow and then personalize as you learn to incorporate whatever niche or product you are passionate about.

Your main job initially is to learn how to drive traffic and manage it to build a solid foundation. Learning to track lead value and how to incorporate your lead value into strategy for hitting income targets as you grow.

We can teach you how to drive your marketing system.

Having your own marketing funnel located either on your own WordPress blog or a system like Kartra allows you to do all of the above.

Don’t Forget This

You will be marketing anything online successfully when you have a proven, successful marketing funnel system in place that is personalized by and for you. I have so much more information on this topic that I am eager to share, but I have rambled too long on this post. Please bookmark this page and stay in touch. Soon I will have a free 2 hour class that will dive head first into all these topics. You can click here to get on my mailing list for that announcement when it becomes available.

Tying in with great mentors, their team, and system has been life changing for me. Are you ready for such a life changing event?

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