Today’s marketing tip is to create viral content that’s easily shareable. So what makes content go viral? Well, it is not an exact science, otherwise those who create it for a living would hit a homerun every time. However, here are the marketing tip characteristics of the most-shared viral campaigns:

The content is unique. Did you know our brains actually light up in a rewarding way whenever we encounter something unique? If you can flip on this reward switch in your prospect’s brain, you can bet she’s going to share the content. That’s why you should seek to share something novel, even if it’s just a new twist on an old strategy.

The content is positive. While sometimes it seems like people share the most horrific things online, one study suggests that the most-shared content tended to be positive. This is content that makes people laugh (think of all those cute cat videos online), inspires them, makes them say “aww,” or just makes them feel good. If you can create these warm emotions in people, your content has a better chance of going viral.

 The content is in an easily consumed format. People don’t have time to read huge eBooks, watch 30-minute videos and so on. And even if they do, they’re less likely to pass it along to friends. That’s why viral content tends to be short: a blog post, an infographic, a three-minute video.

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