The Problem

Is your network marketing business in need of a solution or more advice? Is your business as successful as you originally dreamed? Why not?

Have you bought programs or subscribed to many gurus teaching you how to put x number in your group in x days or to just give you advice instead of a solution?

Are you still passionate about your product or business idea?

I have found that the biggest problem to being successful in network or multi level marketing is not the company or the product. You were not given a solution. You were given advice.

Sure you have found out that most of your friends, acquiantances, co workers, and relatives would rather wait til you are successful so they can see if it will really work before they cast their nets. Thus, that was surely not a solution.

But the problem really is delayed gratification.  It is nearly impossible for most that are starting their business to create enough income in the early stages to ward off the depression and anxiety of “why is this not working.”

Need A Solution Or More Advice?

Therefore, the key is to be able to financially stay in the race until the fruit of your labor has time to mature.  Thus, the missing element is predictable cashflow from the beginning.  Yes, you must have a way to generate leads and income to pay for the advertising and growth of your passion product or business. This is the solution, not advice. Read this previous post and then continue.

This is where marketing comes in.  Learn the formula to generate income to be able to attract the right quality of people into your inner business circle.  Don’t be weary of putting your passion product or business on the back burner for just a little while so you can learn how to generate this now money.  Once the now money from marketing correctly starts to come in and fund your marketing for the passion product or business, you will begin to see climbing that ladder to success is not quite for frustrating any more.

However, the main problem is not putting people into your business.  It is keeping them there through all the growing season and money outgo arena.  Thus, you can then teach your teammates how to do what you have done with development of upfront cashflow to fund your growth.

Why Not You?

Yes, it is real.  Yes, it is available.  Get the Predictable Cashflow Formula here and start learning how to effectively market in today’s online world by getting the solution, not advice.  Learn all the nuances of marketing, build yourself, not your company or product, into your brand, and see how successful you will become now and into the future.

Take the time to watch this video. Yes, I am real. Yes, this is your solution. No, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

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