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Is network marketing an option for you? It should be.

Reputation of Network Marketing

Network marketing has received quite a reputation over the years because of the number of scams that have claimed this arena. I just saw an ad for a new MLM opportunity a few days ago which sounded just so awesome. I took the time then to research the owner and found that he had set up several networking opportunities over the past years and after collecting several million dollars from shiny object lovers, he then had shut each one down and kept the money with no returns.

Fortunately, there are several very legitimate companies available to you that allow you a great opportunity of success if you want to work for that success. You see, networking takes time to set the right foundation and to establish that steady stream of passive income. It can never be an overnight success and it cannot give you the desired results if you are not willing to invest in it. However, if you compare what it can provide you in terms of financial freedom, lifestyle, and legacy with the investment of time and money for a professional college education and its outcomes, you will be pleasantly surprised.


For example, a young man I know has completed his first college degree. He now wants to pursue a second degree which will take at least two years of time and energy and will leave him with over $100,000 in debt before he even earns his first paycheck. Then consider he will work until around the age of 67 before he can retire. The normal life expectancy is around 78.

Then consider spending that same two years with a minimal business investment in network marketing. Using the proper strategy and having the right support team, you should be able to achieve the same level of income as the professional degree without the debt and in a much shorter period of time.

My Story

About this time last year, I had a friend offer a new network marketing opportunity to me.  It was a digital product that appeared to have great promise and I broke all of the previous promises that I had made to myself to never get involved in networking again, and decided to give it a shot.  I found once again that it was not the golden nugget that I was searching for.  However, I did find that there was quite the silver lining. 

You see, I was introduced to both a marketing expert and a branding expert that had teamed up to teach all nuances of online marketing to interested parties.  I did have the desire to learn the whole story and I dedicated myself to learn and follow what we now call the online success strategy.  I quit searching for overnight riches and focused on learning how to do marketing the right way.  Thus, learning to build a solid foundation for any online business I happened to be passionate about.  Fortunately, I was able to team up with and build a friendship with these experts.

As a result of my commitment, our team added a networking opportunity to our system in late November and broke all kinds of records in the month of December.  We used the online strategy we teach to build our left leg down to over $50,000 in business volume.  Now I am beginning to apply this strategy, still with the help of my mentors and upline, to build my second and final leg.  The growth in this leg will not mirror December’s growth, however, the same strategy will be applied to assist others in growing a long-term, stable success story.

What Now?

You should seriously consider the reputable network marketing companies available today. Steer away from anything that does not require an upfront commitment. Look for a company that is poised for future growth and that has a solid reputation since its founding. Check out the owners and founders and the debt status of the company. Make the right decision for you and your future.

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