Marketing Done The Right Way
Marketing Done The Right Way

ODi Productions says 99% fail with affiliate marketing because of these five reasons. Are you one of the 99%, but long to be in the 1% who succeed? Here are his five reasons why most end up in the 99%.

1–Broke Mentality

As ODi Productions says 99% fail with affiliate marketing, what does he point to as the number one problem? The number one reason is usually that they have a broke mentality. No, I do not mean they are financially broke. They are broke in their mindset, and want to get rich quickly without investing any of their time or money. These failures are out for a get rich quick scheme. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you should be optimistic, have a positive vision for the future, and not to play a blame game. You must be willing to sacrifice time or money to get the right skill set to proceed.

2–Try to Reinvent the Wheel

Success leaves clues and this is one of the first lessons to learn. You need to be humble enough to model, not copy, someone else’s success. Find a mentor willing to show the step by step path to getting the knowledge needed to succeed.

3–Choosing Wrong Price Point

Many of the 99% choose a low price point product, service, or opportunity. This leaves them with the challenge of selling lots of volume to achieve their monthly revenue goals. It is much better to find a product, such as Kartra, that not only pays high commission but also has a recurring feature for future payments included.

4–Choose Wrong Product or Niche

To be successful, you must be marketing and promoting something you and many others have a passion for. You are looking for a product or opportunity that has a starving audience which is ready to be fed.

5–No System or Support

Going it alone is probably the biggest reason why 99% fail with affiliate marketing. However, a system should be providing you with support, encouragement, and above all, training. Training on how to build relationships with the traffic you generate is key. And, this training must include how to build yourself into the brand you are building. In addition, there should be training on how to build funnels, as well as the implementation of existing funnels.

What Is Your Best Answer?

Honestly, the are many answers to keep you out of the 99%. My answer about a year ago and I have been learning all of the nuances of marketing, branding, attraction, etc. through an amazing system, Profit Platform. Fortunately, I was able to team up with two amazing marketing and branding professionals who were willing to take a novice and teach me everything I needed to be successful.

Subsequently, they have rebuilt this amazing system which not only includes many premade funnels, but also the ins and outs of building your own brand, product, or funnel for the future. You can read more about Profit Platform here. Fortunately for you, the system is about to open again for the first time in several months. And, to kick off the new system, we are now providing a free PDF which details how you can avoid asking the question, Why do 99% fail with affiliate marketing?

Thus, if you are serious about success, this free PDF is your first step. Step 2 would be to sign up for the free live demo after reviewing the formula. In other words, get all the information you need to see if this system is right for you before you invest anything other than your time.

Check out my video on this topic. Y’all have a fantastic day.

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