Are you constantly searching for top affiliate programs to use with our current mailing list and marketing funnel? If so, you are on tract to scale up your business exponentially. Maybe this article can help you with that endeavor.

I have listed below some of my top affiliate picks for 2019 which I am currently using in my online marketing niche to increase and automate my cashflow while at the same time, providing great value to my list.

Scale up Your Income With Affiliate marketing

Do you understand the importance of Affiliate Marketing in increasing the value of your leads and increasing the value to your customers? If so, you know how to optimize your cashflow also. Yes, adding affiliate offers to your email automation, you automatically add more income streams to your system. And yes, this happens without any additional costs to your business. My mentor calls this “Zero-cost Ad Strategy”. Sounds pretty smart, right?

Do You Prefer Free Marketing Over Paid Advertising?

Yes, it is great to generate leads and sales with free marketing tactics, but always remember you may escalate your sales by adding some paid advertising, especially if you can do it at a break even point that we teach.

Even if you decide to use only one method of lead generation, always remember, the strategy is to increase your cashflow with these same leads. That is where using different affiliate offers in your automated email system will increase your cashflow and allow you to scale up your lifestyle at no additional expense.

Yes, That’s Right

The top professional marketers are use the same leads for multiple affiliate products over time. Therefore they have more resources for generating revenue and also for creating more engagement and trust with their customer database.

With this type of continued and multiplied engagement, you develop additional results without sacrificing any more or your time. Could you use more free time to scale up your business more? Sounds like an awesome plan to me.

Others don’t apply this to social media, but instead use it to scale up ads almost exclusively, which drives the growth of their email list. And since those emails link into offers, it drives sales and cashflow.

So whether you are using free marketing or paid advertising. you can see why adding in affiliate marketing offers can be a huge improvement over your current strategy. Or to put it another way, it is crazy not to follow our success strategy.

Name of the Game: Optimization

Have you ever heard of Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, or Tony Robbins? You can bet their success is based on cashflow optimization. Yes, multiple streams of income to your already established list is the key to your future success. You may not be ready to create and sell your own products at this point so let’s explore some of my top affiliate picks that you may want to consider as you optimize your cashflow with an established list.

These affiliate products not only will be useful to you in scaling up your cashflow, but they will also provide much value to your clients by helping them achieve their goals in a faster or much smoother manner. Yes, benefiting others is the basis for foundational growth. I say this to impress that the affiliate products you choose to promote must be of value and not just a money making scam product. Always remember that.

The more top affiliate programs you can strategically pack into your funnel (including auto-email sequences, exit pop-ups, and at the end of a check-out process)… The more you earn per lead. And that’s BIG. But even bigger is the fact that you are teaching others to do the same.

Think about it. You promote value in a product that really provides a benefit to your customer. Thus more trust is built and they are much more likely to buy from you in the future. Win-Win! This means you just increased the average customer value of that lead that you generated months ago. This is what has moved most successful online marketers to the top of their fie

Do I Only Need High Ticket Items?

As you study my list of affiliate choices, you’ll find that some are low ticket items and some are high ticket items. Higher ticket items will pay more and hopefully are recurring, but no matter the payout, all must provide a level of value to your customer so what we have discussed above becomes a reality for you.

You can sign up for most affiliate programs, both low and high ticket, without a fee and without having to purchase the product. Thus, it is easier to get started with the start up costs so low.

Here’s My List As Of August 10, 2019

Study the list below to see the value that is offered and the cashflow that can be generated. This is an ever changing list because I am constantly on the lookout for new products and new ways to bolster my cashflow and customer value as we have discussed above. If you bookmark this page, you can always come back and see what is new at any time.

You will see a link at the end to one page where you can sign up to become and affiliate for one or all of these great affiliate programs. I also have a resource page that will allow you to purchase the product if you feel it provides a solution for you. If you do sign up as an affilate, always remember that the provider will not allow you to purchase the product from your own affiliate link.

Affiliate Blog To Jumpstart Your Business

Would you like a blog like this one that is set up on Word Press that includes the teaching of how to use it? With this Affiliate Starter Blog you can start with a low budget, be able to start branding yourself, start learning how to generate free traffic and learn the basics of SEO. You can get your blog set up and your developmental classes for only $99. Not only will you have a blog as your foundation, you will also start to earn a $20 commission when you promote the package to others.

Click here to get your Affiliate Starter Blog

Profit Platform – The System For Your Success

No need to reinvent the system wheel. You get the complete system from blog to done for you funnel components. Your road is paved with professional courses and automated marketing tools. No longer do you have to worry about where to start or what should I do next.

Kartra – It’s An All-in-One Dream Solution For Online Marketing

Have you heard of LeadPages, ClickFunnel, or Builderall? In my humble opinion, Kartra is the premier all-in-one marketing platform that beats them all. Kartra has everything you need to create funnels, to market, and to automate your sales system. It even has an email marketing system built in. The cost to purchase Kartra is usually less than paying for all the individual components that most marketers use. Also, you do not have to buy Kartra to become an affiliate.

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate with Kartra

4. Aweber – Email Marketing

If you decide not to purchase Kartra initially, Aweber – is a relatively inexpensive tool to manage your email list, develop campaigns, and then automatically email any or all on your list at one time. You can set it up to connect to your lead capture page that you set up on your inexpensive blog and your automation of lead capture and sales conversions has begun.

Upviral – Viral Marketing for 100x Leads at Same Cost

Did you know that Upviral can significantly increase the number of leads that sign up on your lead form page? This powerful tool uses multiple referrals that are shared with viral marketing at no additional cost to you.

What is ClickMagick

If you decide not to use Kartra initially, ClickMagick is a great tool that will allow you to track your leads and let you know how the leads made it to your lead capture page. It also has some more technical trips that may in crease your lead value with split testing. It’s allow about control of your advertising and what is working to send more leads to your page.


I just hired a vendor from Fiverr to create backlinks on my blog page and to help improve my SEO. I only paid $6 for the service. It is a low cost option to hire designers, vendors, or assistants to do those things you either don’t know how to do, don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do.

Sign up with Fiverr free to use the service

After signing up for a free account at the link directly above, go to the link below to become an affiliate of Fiverr.

*Go here to become a Fiverr affiliate

You will create the lifestyle and get the results you want by following the one specific cashflow strategy to generate that cashflow and then have the control over it to increase it when needed. We teach you how, but you have to do it if you want it bad enough. Here is a website with all of the above links listed together. That’s all for now.