During 2018 I learned about Mike Klingler and how he had begun using a simple marketing strategy for two must haves–lead generation and sales conversions almost twenty five years ago. I was intrigued by how this same strategy is being duplicated by nearly all of the marketers who are successful today.

A strategy that is so simple, but so effective that sprouted from a late night television commercial. Keeping in mind, this was over 20 years ago, the ad specified that if you ran one good classified ad (even if it just broke even), then you could multiple your profits substantially by repeating that same process in hundreds of print products.

What Did Mike Then Do?

He found a company that produces kids’ nutritional supplements and placed a small ad in various parent publications. He analyzed the results and made changes in the ad until he had an ad that started to generate a small profit. Then he used the strategy of duplication and placed this same ad in many publications. The small profits then started to add up.

However, even with the duplication process increasing his cashflow, he still wanted it to work better. He started building a list of his buyers and began to mail out additional offers to these same buyers. The result was more sales without the cost of more ads. Genuis.

Would This Still Work Today?

Yes, the strategy still works today. Only today, the emphasis is with online marketing and not snail mail marketing. The strategy is simple. You present value to a client, provide them an offer that is a solution to them, and you develop beginning cashflow. This initial cashflow not only provides your marketing money, it is the foundation of your list for the future where the big money is made on the back end.

Most marketers do not understand the profitability of developing the list and developing multiple streams of income from that foundational list. Thus many people give up and quit because they do not make enough money up front to even cover their ad costs. It is not the business that fails, it is the strategy that fails. You should always focus on building the list, covering your ad costs, and then increasing your lead value to cover your living expenses. Then you are on the path to scale up to achieve what you always dreamed of.

Success Leaves Clues

Study all of the successful online coaches, consultants, course creators, influencers, etc. You will find that all of them are following the specific strategy that Mike discovered over 20 years ago.

The difference is that they do not teach you all the nuances of being successful as our system does. They provide lots of valuable content that works, but fail to show you how to connect the dots and make it work for you.

Do You Want It To Work For You?

Our success strategy class will be available soon where you can learn the five ways to increase your lead value and increase your cashflow. Our marketing funnel system shows how to connect all the pieces and formulate the right plan of action for your online marketing. This blog is one example and the all-in-one Kartra product is another.
If lead generation, sales conversions, and cashflow are important to you, please bookmark this site and come back often for more marketing content and a link to our new success class which will open soon.

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