Have you tried Upviral marketing? Ok, what is viral marketing? It is a method of allowing new leads to share your message or opportunity by referring others to your site or page.

Upviral is a great tool to generate this type of referring or sharing. Simply, your use their system to entice others to refer your site or opportunity with the offer of a some type of bonus, prize, or incentive. Everybody wants some value for free and everybody wants free leads. Looks like it is a win-win for you.

Another Benefit

The other major benefit is that when one of your new leads refers you, it is more than likely they are referring someone they know and someone that respects their opinion. Thus, the viral leads coming in are more ready to pursue your offer because they are not just another cold contact.

Just think, you offer a few ebook of value to your audience if they just refer five friends to your page or site or offer. You make it a simple form on your landing or lead capture page. The referring process is painless and quick and leads to many more leads coming to your offer. Hence, the viral effect.

Do The Math Yourself

When you check out Upviral for yourself, you will find many impressive examples of how this works. However, instead of boring you with a bunch of math to prove my point, just imagine that out of 100 new leads, you get 50 more leads from viral marketing. These extra leads, and this is very conservative example, cost you nothing and probably, as we mentioned earlier, are “warmer” to your offer since they were referred by someone they know.

Think this might be beneficial to scaling up your current business. Check out how I learned to use it in my complete marketing funnel system. You can also check out the Upviral tool here.